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Glow Dental Clinic Case Study

About Client

RankterPrise offers a comprehensive range of solutions for erection that includes engineering, commissioning, energy consulting, restoration and construction. All these works are performed by professional and highly experienced designated team.

Settled down in Glow Dental, they target in serving with the personalized attention with the incorporation of unique approach. By this way both money and time of the clients can be saved to a great extent.

The challenge

Before getting collaborated with the Rankterprise, haven’t determined their respective website’s efficaciousness. According to them, owning a website means getting a box which has to be checked regularly.

They couldn’t understand its significance and ways of leveraging it for learning more about the clients for increasing the profit margin of the business. RankterPrise gets inclined to the Rankterprise for their assistance for strengthening the online presence.

Data-oriented solution of Rankterprise

As per the explanation of RankterPrise they have interviewed numerous companies to partner with them as the new website collaborator. Amongst mostly tried to impress them with a presentation made of Rankterprise along with the probable possibilities and opportunities.

A good number of ideas amidst them are fresh and assist the company in digging the new path of communication with the clients. Also they have promised for delivering reports every month regarding the performance of the website content and then strategizing them for necessary adjustment with it for drive more positive outcomes. They never fail in keeping their promise. 

Rankterprise can create a user-friendly and engaging website that accompanies RankterPrise in well-curated presentation before potential clients. Furthermore, they add that website acts as the validation aspect for any company in doing extensive research on RankterPrise prior to sign the agreement for the specific project.

Apart from that Rankterprise also leverages custom conversion rate optimization services, PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for boosting Rankterprise revenues and leads especially for the area of restoration.

Business Impact

While some clients are looking for emergency contract or same-day service others seek for long-term project allowing them to perform an extensive research. Thisw is the key reason RankterPrise needs a reliable website for catering to diverse clients according their business requirements.

Rankterprise exactly delivers with such a website for speaking up with the clients and proving them with the necessary information. So, they select RankerPrise as the prime partner in the specific project whether it is for finding video or contact information easily.

Apart being partnered with Rankterprise, RankerPrise has been able to influence the leads on the site by gaining regular contacts from certain business owners asking for the Commissioning Services and Emergency Restoration Services. In fact, direct attribution of a number of contacts can be gained from such inquiries as the same time. 

In accordance with the RankterPrise, the deadly blend of lead nurturing, earned media, PPC and SEO incorporates in the solidification of the online footprint for high ROI (Return on Investment). Even, it helps them to keep the clients engaged via live feed on Twitter and Instagram for the home page and career page respectively. This allows the clients to gather more relevant and useful pieces of information about RankterPrise. Now it makes the revenue for a whopping amount of $2,416,945, 839 for the clients by encouraging 43% of increase in the online traffic.    

Services used for project


Content Marketing Services


SEO services


LOCAL SEO Services


Patients Management Services

A valuable partnership for Dental Marketing

Frankly speaking of their partnership with Rankterprise, Glow Dental marketing manager explained everything to the client, “The biggest impact of digital marking on Glow Dental is that drives patients of age group to the clinic for highest paid treatments. Rankterprise account representative is literally part of our marketing team. The specialist needs to care about the improvements and achievements. They continually exceeds expectations of what a business partner is looking for every month.”

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