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Online Presence of Collins Construction

Online Presence of Collins Construction
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Expansion of Reach and Strengthening Of Online Presence of Collins Construction

Since its establishment Collins Construction, They offers domestic, commercial and workspace properties construction and refurbishment. You may think of property refurbishment it may end up with highly expensive without the assistance of reliable digital marking company like RankterPrise.

RIO of Collins Construction after Digital Marketing

  • 197.8%- Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 800- New Keywords
  • 527%- Increase in Organic Traffic
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Collins Construction growth started increasing after digital marketing strategy and achieve goals with the specific campaign. Among them, the key one is the significance of driving more number of leads and increasing conversion rates. It has started with the development of a technically sounded website structure as strong foundation is needed to drive the value of every SEO strategy.

By garnering market share on the basis of the targeted keywords the competitors can be surpassed easily. This will result in positive impact on online reputation. Over time it will end up with an immense increase in the conversions and new users leading to be the new long-term goals.

Being the leading bitcoin miner of the industry with a remarkable global reach the users fail to experience the seamless website interface and navigation in multiple languages causing to lose them forever. Thus, it is clear that without the incorporation of reliable SEO trend market share gets lost in this high competitive environment along with the explosion of the market of the company.

Collins Construction is the hybrid website leading to receive new users and generate leads by proving quality service such as bitcoin mining. However the development team is keen to continue the operation of the website and its service. The SEO strategy of the Power Digital needs hyper targeted to the keywords which can drive much Organic traffic for getting new potential users and increase conversion rates. 

Before the collaboration with very popular Power Digital, both website content and indexing strategy are the elements from which the website lacks. In the rapid expansion of highly competitive bitcoin industry, this vagueness opens up the scope to the small companies to acquire ranks in SERPs for the specific targeted keywords.

As a result, the market share is being lost by the client globally just because of lack of global SEO strategy. It causes the bouncing rates to get higher due to wrong languages and inability of proper translation by the site. 


Prior to the impact of Power Digital on the keyword ranks, the translation issues must be unraveled. The technical SEO professional team creates and executes the most effective global SEO strategy for translating the site in terms of the country codes. This also allows the site to get indexed by the search engine like Google in every possible language.

After the establishment of International SEO strategy, then we put our focus on the development of comprehensive indexing strategy. It includes both off-page and on-page initiatives- Metadata optimization and keyword mapping for targeting relevant and high density keywords of the main pages.

Content optimization is essential for targeting specific keywords and to increase its bunch for reaching out more audience with the curation of evergreen relevant content. These efforts are greatly supported by keyword-oriented strategy of internal linking.     

Then, our team has put effort on the improvement of off-page elements along with clean up and backlink analysis besides on-page initiatives. At the time of link detoxing, analyzing is done for about 700,000 backlinks for the mitigation of spammy and harmful ones.

Additionally, digital PR is conducted as well for securing relevant and high quality backlinks. With this simultaneous as well as consistent performance of obtaining quality links and eradicating toxic ones keyword ranks can be improved noticeably. 

Another initiative can be taken for assisting the client is by offering accurate track conversions. Although online account signups are on top KPI yet the entire tracking process isn’t get tracked by the client. After its implementation February becomes the very first month with actual conversion tracking of about 2,200 signups for new account.

Within the next 4 months the rate of monthly conversions gets a whopping leap of 1,922.6% (with approx 45,044 signups for new account. In this time the rate has been improved from 1.21% to 3.6% to the direct jump of 197.8%.    

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Outcomes of Collins Construction

Within 6 months

By indexing just all the website pages, Collins Construction has been able to receive above 150+ keywords and much more for only just a single page. Even the pages have been ranked amongst the top 3 positions in SERPs.

In contrast to the report of 2017 January, Organic Traffic has increased to 527%. Even, the site starts gaining about 6500 Organic user visits every month along with around 5780 new consumers.

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