GoHighLevel Review (2022) – Go HighLevel Pricing and Features

GoHighLevel is a marketing platform built to provide businesses with all the tools, resources and support necessary to succeed in their niche.

They managed to combine all the tools in one reliable platform. Thanks to HighLevel, a user of the platform is now able to reach their audience much easier and convert potential customers into clients.

The massive value of a product like this is that a person could get a really profitable model for a fraction of what they would pay if going solo. And it makes it more high-tech and sophisticated while still making it simple enough for a non-tech savvy individual to set up on their own.

If you’re looking for ways to save time through automation and grow your business, then the right tool for the job is this one!

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Business owners would be thrilled to know that HighLevel has combined multiple platforms, facilitating a higher success rate and return on investment. Covering the most important and advanced features such as:

  • Automatically message leads via voicemail
  • SMS
  • Emails
  • FB Messenger
  • Surveys
  • Forms and calendars
  • Inbound phone system and much more

Why is Go HighLevel the best tool for any marketing agency?

Whether you need more customers or want to keep your customers loyal to your agency, GoHighLevel is the perfect tool.

This is an easy to use CRM tool built exclusively for marketing agencies who also happen to service local businesses in marketing techniques geared primarily toward digital media.

GoHighLevel is quietly becoming one of the most sought after solutions for numerous different industries.

Companies ranging from international e-commerce brands, SEO agencies and internet marketing firms, to traditional construction companies looking to expand their online presence are all discovering GoHighLevel as a powerful tool.

The HighLevel platform can easily be integrated into their already developed systems to ensure an impressive ROI on every penny spent on the platform.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is looking for ways to save time through business automation and make money, then this tool is the right one for you.

Try Go HighLevel today: 14 days FREE Trial available here

What does business automation means and how can it help a business succeed?

To begin with, it is important to understand what is HighLevel? In simple words, GoHighLevel is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation platform designed exclusively for marketing agencies.

Built by digital marketers for digital marketers, Go High Level is the easiest way to run your agency. To save time. To get organized. To reach your goals.

It is an all in one digital marketing platform that integrates IT solutions, email marketing, CRM, billing, project management, helpdesk and much more.

GoHighLevel is amazingly simple to use and can help your business skyrocket. It is the ultimate hub for digital agencies to rapidly scale.

Having access to the platform’s complete analytics dashboard, tools allow the user to automate the follow-up campaigns. The built-in two ways communications connect the business with its clients and prospects, enabling a more effective connection.


Why is Go HighLevel the perfect tool for agencies and businesses that want to succeed?

What if I told you that there is a solution that brings sales and marketing teams together? With Go HighLevel, you get access to the world’s most successful digital marketers. A community of over 300 VIPs that share their training, insights and resources to help you succeed.

It is an exclusive community of startup founders, business professionals, bloggers, entrepreneurs and digital enthusiasts, all contributing to the digital marketing space, creating new courses, learning from each other, building a better community.

Go HighLevel is a framework for agencies to innovate and differentiate themselves from others. It takes two minutes to integrate and will cut down your time in half while making it much easier for you to manage several clients.

Over time, you can literally save fortunes by switching from your current system to this platform. There’s no need to look for different tools to do your job, GoHighLevel has everything you need in one place.

Because automation is very valuable when it comes to business-client communication, HighLevel is filled with tons of useful tools and is pretty easy to master with a quick learning curve. These features work together seamlessly to make helping customers a smooth and rewarding experience for both sides.

What can you do with GoHighLevel?

Here are just a few of the most significant features:

  1. Business Automation
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Client Acquisition
  4. Client Retention
  5. Customer Service
  6. Reputation Management
  7. Scaling / Growth
  8. Database Reactivation (DBR)
  9. Building Marketing Funnels
  10. Calls, Responses, Clicks and Leads Tracking
  11. Increasing the Return on Investment (ROI)
  12. Streamlining Multiple Tasks
  13. Offering Courses
  14. Membership Area Access
  15. Ability to Integrate Quickbooks and more


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What are the best features of the Go HighLevel CRM?

With the platform-tools, you can easily build your full company website and connect it to your domain. You can choose from numerous website templates and access helpful website management tools so you can show off your brand.

Building membership websites to provide your company’s detailed research and conclusive results that will help you educate prospects and deliver digital products.

Managing prospects by taking advantage of the live chat function on your website so you can ditch expensive software and replace it with the integrated CRM.

It allows you to manage your own marketing campaigns and utilize tools provided by the software to monitor projects being worked on.

This feature also allows you to manage multiple clients accounts.

You can build sales funnels by aligning your brand to a target audience. ClickFunnels makes sharing your funnels seamless – both with customers and prospects, as well as importing ClickFunnels work to make switching effortless.

Managing services and clients through auto-replies, tasks, smart templates, follow-up sequences, billing, and more.

You can, create effective email marketing campaigns, and interact more regularly with your customers by marketing new products, features, and updates about your company.

You can create popularized Smart Lists with information on groups of clients, prospects and leads with unique marketing templates for special deals tailored to the specific audience.

Marketing effectively via SMS marketingcall trackingvoicemail, and much more.

You can use the campaign builder for the full customisation of messaging.

The fully automatic booking will save leads and prospects to your calendar without moving your finger.

The automated nurture conversations are generating text conversations by aligning your booked appointments in the calendar without human intervention.

With HighLevel integrated AI technology, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to manage conversations.

Schedule an effective appointment and follow up campaigns, set up clients birthday reminders for compelling new offers, and send out holiday specials all year round.

Take advantage of the SMS and voicemail tools to set up reschedule appointment campaigns for no show clients.

With this platform, you gain access to countless tools and options. Also, new tools are always being added which is why it is recommended to keep checking for updates.

Why is HighLevel superior to other platforms and why is it so successful?

They developed such a perfect and complete system, that is impossible to be unsuccessful!

GoHighLevel is better than other platforms for those who work on it. All employees are there because they love to create great products that help users reach their goals.

They believe in creativity, innovation, that you should be able to think like an owner. HighLevel is a unique platform where you can connect and share ideas with other niche people.

The main purpose of this platform is to help business owners find more customers, foster more sales opportunities, retain current customers and grow their business with smart marketing tools.

3 main reasons why you should choose Go HighLevel:

Success rate


Outstanding support

1. There is no doubt that you will be successful once you start using this platform. Their perfectly structured system is built for success. It is any businesses owner dream come true to be able to constantly get new customers with minimum or close to no hassle at all. All this and much more is now possible on HighLevel’s platform.

2. The system’s automation reduces your expenses considerably as it integrates many features meant to cut costs. Their marketing solutions are meant to cover all areas and are set to be cost-efficient to the highest extent.

The CRM helps you consolidate your marketing tools, landing pages, develop websites, and funnels in one. Compared with the competition, GoHighLevel offers a relatively lower price with no compromise on quality.

By creating automated and customized follow-up campaigns to engage your leads through Facebook Messenger, SMS, voice calls, voicemail drops, and other channels will increase response rates. This is another fantastic way of their cost-effective scheme meant to save you the money you can reinvest in your business.

3. Go HighLevel offers outstanding support! Staring with website and landing page design, account set-up, writing copy for emails and snapshot creation, they’ve got you covered. They also offer support with funnels and every other feature on the platform.


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GoHighlevel vs. Clickfunnels and other funnel builders for marketing

From lead magnet and call funnels, multi-step sales funnels, shopping carts, they have a team of experts ready to help you. You can always choose a Dedicated Project Manager who can ensure your tasks go to the right specialist and reviews their work before updating you when it’s complete.

The project manager carries the weight and adjusts the workload on a daily basis, and ensures that the tasks are assigned to the experts on the team.

You can have weekly team check-in calls with your project manager, who is always there just like sitting next to you when you need them.

To top it all up, they will go out of their way to make you look like a hero to your clients by providing them with creative solutions to improve their websites and funnels without you even asking.


Is Go HighLevel right for my business?

The answer to this question might not please just everyone as this platform is proven to help skyrocket your business, you must be prepared for what’s coming your way.

So, if you own a mom’s and pap’s store, or a small business with a max of 2-3 employees and you’re in business just so you will be your own boss and serve a small local community then this platform is definitely not for you.

Please don’t feel offended or left out if you are among the aforementioned categories. You just have to understand that this platform was designed to skyrocket your business and take it to the next level.

However, don’t feel discouraged because Go HighLevel integrated tools to help any size business be it small or big regardless of whether they want to expand or simply to get more clients.

Also, you can benefit from the opportunity to see if GoHighLevel satisfies your marketing needs, by taking advantage of the free 14 day trial period. All you have to do is choose the pricing plan you’re interested in, and provide basic information, like company name, phone number, and email, to create a GoHighLevel account.

You can create an Agency Starter account for $ 97 per month. Ideal for a single business, this plan will help you take advantage of most of GoHighLevel’s features.

The Agency Starter account is perfect for people who are new to marketing and are interested to explore their options.

Gohighlevel Pricing: what plans are available?

You can opt for three major accounts options, but with unlimited possibilities of adding on additional modules and/or services.

Feel free to choose from the following accounts:

Agency Starter Account for $97/ Month

Agency Unlimited Account for $297/ Month

White Label Account for $497/Month

The Agency Starter Account as mentioned previously would be a great fit for a single business or an agency that only wishes to create a single account for a client.

The Agency Unlimited Account will combine all of the features included with the Agency Starter Account, but the difference with this plan is that you will be able to create unlimited sub-accounts for your clients. You can also personalise your own domain to reflect your business or brand.

The White Label Accounts are available as an add-on to the Agency Unlimited Account or on its own. With this account, you will be able to create a personalized white-label mobile app that will give your customers a unique mobile experience.

The white label option also opens up new sources of income for your target audience. For additional revenue, the platform can be sold to consumers on a self-service basis.

The beauty of this platform is that there are no annual payment options and you are not bound by annual plans. Given the fact that both the Agency Starter Account and Agency Unlimited Account require monthly payments, if you fail to see the benefits of this platform, you are free to cancel your account at any time.

It is important to note that there are no prorated refunds available for partially used accounts, and the payments for GoHighLevel services are non-refundable.

However, if you are still wondering if the pricing is right for your business, the free14 day trial allows you to enjoy the benefits of the Agency Starter Account or the Agency Unlimited Account risk-free.


Try the Go HighLevel CRM today with a 14 Day FREE Trial

What to expect once I created my account?

Upon your first login the dashboard is clean, easy to navigate and built with minimal user interface design. With a fairly new approach, as the CRM adds more and more functionality, the dashboard can get cluttered and confusing at times.

Fortunately, the basic system requirements are already available for you to use. Also, if you don’t have the time, patience or intel, you always have the convenience of choosing their team of experts to set up all the available features for an additional cost.

The dashboard provides an excellent graphical representation of the marketing funnel for each customer illustrating all the statistics and statistics on expected costs, pipeline capacity, profit rates, conversion rates and more. This gives you the opportunity to track your marketing efforts for your customers and view everything that happens as a result of your work.

GoHighLevel CRM also integrates invoicing tools like QuickBooks making it very convenient to generate invoices and keep track of the financial aspect of the business.

Also, makes it easy for you to get a clear idea of ​​the stages of the marketing funnel where the customer is losing prospects and potential clients so that your agency can focus on specific steps to help improve the marketing strategies for that customer.

Additionally, they have a Facebook support group where you can interact with veterans and new users along with some of the most valuable tech experts at Go High Level. All the Facebook group members are very friendly and helpful.

GoHighLevel’s functionality and features?

Setting up and connecting your Twilio account:

In order to enable the functionality of the platform, the first thing you’ll need to do is to set up your Twilio account. GoHighLevel uses Twilio as a backup provider for messages and calls.

This is a key feature that enables you to add the account of your clients and agency team members once the Twilio account is connected.

Adding the Mailgun API key:

The Mailgun API key is crucial for sending emails and luckily you can find detailed tutorials on how to do this for all major domain providers.

An interesting feature of Mailgun is the email verification that comes with it. HighLevel has integrated this API and functionality can be enabled for any location depending on your preferences. It really enhances the ability to share emails and keep a clear list of customers.

Last but not least, you will have to add a phone number from the settings that will complete the installation and allow you to start using the program.

Once again, the clean and minimal user interface of the platform simplifies the initial installation process.

Note that in addition to Mailgun, you can include SMTP email providers such as Gmail or SendGrid.

Running automated marketing campaigns:

The campaigns, as the name implies, are a place where all activities are created, including email, SMS and voice calls.

The main thing you need to do in a campaign is plan ahead to get all the marketing messages and emails sent within a specific time interval. It is important to set up specific time intervals so that customers do not receive late-night messages that could distract them and could damage your customer reputation.

The following step will be setting up users. For this step, if your organization has many users or team members, future leaders will be assigned a rotation.

Campaigns setup options:

When setting up a campaign, there are a few very explicit steps to fire up the platform’s triggers and automation. Those steps are as follow:

  • When
  • If
  • Next Campaign
  • Stop On Response

As suggested by the explicit names chosen for each step, you can accurately set up the time when a lead is added, the precise time interval and it offers the opportunity to forward the leads of the current campaign to a separate or different one.

Finally, the “Stop On Response” step establishes the termination and shut down of the automation sequence once the goal of the response is fulfilled. Usually, when the customer responds and confirms the booking.

When starting a campaign, you can use different variations (specifically tailored to your customers’ needs and requirements), features as call, voicemail, SMS or text message, messenger, email and more.

Note that you can also set up “wait”, manual call or SMS and Webhook.

The platform offers you the ability to store the campaigns in separate folders for better client management and organization.

Call tracking:

Being able to track the number of calls in a campaign and determine how many and which calls exactly bring in the leads, is very important and highly effective.

You can also configure a missed call trigger and set it up so that it will automatically send a message when your client loses a call from a potential customer.

This is, fortunately, another convenient feature built into the platform which efficiently eliminates the need to use third-party tools.


Try the Go HighLevel CRM today with a 14 Day FREE Trial

Client Reputation Management:

Actively monitoring mentions of your brand (your clients’ brand) on social media and other notable review websites, in order to address any negative or false comments is quite an accurate description of Reputation Management.

Reviews are an important part of a local online business presence as it builds trust among prospects and potential clients. As a matter of fact, this can most of the time make the difference between a brands’ failure or success.

As an integrated part of the platform, GoHighLevel makes it remarkably easy to expand your brand awareness by sending review requests to clients on time. This also gives a business the perfect opportunity to resolve any possible issues encountered by their clients before affecting the business/brand reputation.

There are also review widgets that can be installed on a client’s website which will drag comments from their business’s Google and Facebook page.

Facebook Ad Campaigns Management:

A really unique feature In addition to SMS and voice calls, that is not integrated with any other CRM’s, is the ability to automate the Facebook ads with two-way messages.

The only thing you need to do is connect your Facebook account and the messenger ad to set up the follow-up sequences.

It will be very easy to track your top-performing ads inside the CRM which will be very helpful when deciding how to adjust the budget and direct it only towards the best converting ads.

This feature benefits both you and your client enabling you to offer your client the best and most cost-effective ad campaign on Facebook.

Last but not least, this automation has the advantage of increasing the Facebook ad campaigns conversion rate considerably.

Contacts Smart Lists:

Smart Lists represent a very effective way to organize and actively update your contact lists, by targeting only the contacts in your smart lists.

The smart lists allow you to filter contacts based on multiple parameters and copy them to a separate list. A good example will be the ability of building lists of contacts with incomplete information such as missing emails or phone numbers, which will be automatically updated whenever a contact is added without any of the aforementioned information.

A good way to complete missing information will be by automation via voice call or text message asking the client for those pieces of information.

As mentioned above, there are of course multiple other filters aiming for specific locations, age, pipeline stage, previous appointments or activity and more.

Try the Go HighLevel CRM today with a 14 Day FREE Trial

GoHighlevel Review: Is the Marketing Software System Good?

The possibilities are endless what makes smart lists a really powerful tool contributing to more effective communication and efficient list management.


The integrated funnel builder feature is remarkably easy to use and build a complete marketing funnel including landing pages, forms, surveys and so much more.

GoHighLevel platform allows you to build a funnel that combines for example a form, a booking calendar and a thank you message all in one place. This way, you save lots of time but most importantly money by averting from the use of multiple other tools involving all the functionality required when building a funnel.

You can also take advantage of yet another extraordinary feature of this tool which permits you to selectively show or hide certain parts to display only in mobile or desktop modes.

Initially, the pages built are mobile responsive by default, however, different elements can be easily adapted and optimised for mobile and desktop modes individually. This feature is also very valuable as it can conveniently be replicated and used for multiple clients in the same niche saving you valuable time on building funnels and creating new campaigns.

Another improvement that is very helpful and efficient is the fact that you can add custom meta tags to the pages in each funnel which benefits SEO tasks.

If you previously have been using ClickFunnels, the good news is that GoHighLevel allows you to import the funnels from ClickFunnels directly into the platforms’ builder.

Every funnel can integrate a live chat widget simply by copying the code that can be found in support documentation and pasting it in the body tag of the funnel accounting for very easy automation.

Another nice thing you can do with HighLevel funnels is to add powerful text to the pits that extract data from the form and display custom text. It helps to increase the conversion rate.

In addition, another interesting thing you can do with GoHighLevel funnels is to add powerful text to the funnels that extract data from the form and display custom text helping to considerably increase the conversion rate.

To conclude, the HighLevel funnel builder with its countless features can easily replace your current funnel or landing page builder and successfully deliver better performance and huge savings.


GoHighLevel has very efficient integrations in place that will prove highly effective for you. Some worth mentioning here are:

  • Zapier – a reliable tool that makes integration with almost any other app possible.
  • Yext Listings – a great way to easily update your local business contact information in lists, networks and folders. It can also build citations that help with the improvement of the search rankings of local businesses. Acting as backlinks to the local business websites will vastly boost their SEO.
  • Stripe – a trusted payment gateway primarily offering payment processing for e-commerce websites and mobile applications which helps maximise customer conversion through higher card acceptance rates.
  • Paypal – Accept automated payments via the popular payment company
  • QuickBooks
  • GMB or Google My Business: Leads and reviews from Google My Business will now show up in the system. You’ll be able to engage with them on the conversations page.
  • Shopify: They just release the full integration with the most popular eCommerce platform. You can now offer this amazing feature to all your eCommerce clients.


Final Go High Level Review / Conclusion

In conclusion, is it worth signing up and getting the GoHighLevel platform? The answer is YES! Act now and get ahead of your competition! Build a more successful agency, grow and expand your business taking advantage of the best CRM in this industry.

GoHighLevel FAQ

How much does GoHighLevel cost?

You can opt for three major accounts options, but with unlimited possibilities of adding on additional modules and/or services.

Agency Starter Account for $97/ Month

Agency Unlimited Account for $297/ Month

White Label Account for $497/Month

Is GoHighLevel a CRM?

GoHighLevel is a CRM and marketing automation cloud software designed for marketing agencies, local businesses or eCommerce websites.

What is GoHighLevel platform?

GoHighlevel it's an all-in-one marketing, sales, and management platform that can consolidate most business tasks under one admin panel. HighLevel was created by a marketing agency, so they know and understand the traditional issues that marketing agencies face.

How do you get high level in whitelabel?

Log into your HighLevel Agency account and set your domain in Settings -> Agency Settings -> White Label Domain: Upload your agency logo in Settings -> Agency Settings -> Company Logo.

What does CRM stand for?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it's a technology for managing and supporting customer relationships. 

What can you do with Go High Level?

Go HighLevel allows you to connect with your leads and customers through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, Google My Business and even Facebook Messenger. 

Who created GoHighLevel?

Go Highlevel was founded by Shaun Clark. Complete CRM that agencies need to manage their client's leads, websites, funnels, calendars and many other services.