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Press Release Syndication

Increase Brand Awareness Through a Better Press Release Syndication.

Control how your brand is perceived, as well as providing a strong foundation for online reputation management and news campaigns. Our press releases can be powerful brand statements and we recommend them with our GMB campaigns.


What Are Press Releases

Press Releases are sharing newsworthy stories that include your company’s information through news channels. Aimed to be informative and relevant, press releases as an SEO standpoint is a great way to get easy traffic to your business website.

Rankterprise’s Press Release team writes engaging news articles that seem indistinguishable from a news article written by a journalist, ensuring you get the authenticity and reputability of a professional writer. Our releases are regularly featured on Google News, syndicated to 100’s of Authority News Outlets like Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS just to name a few.

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Inspire Dental Centre Welcome Image


How Press Releases Can Help Your Business

Press releases help your companies get media coverage and reach millions of potential customers. As over 80 million people read the news online every single day, you have a chance to attract many of these individuals.

The more news articles you post, the more they will know your brand, resulting in them trusting who you are and visiting your website to learn more. As you attach your own backlinks to each article, your position on the search engine results will skyrocket, increasing the number of sales you’ll make on your product and services. Press Releases are the best way to position your business as an authority figure in your industry and niche.

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